OmniFocus rules, or does it?

Posted on by Mike Evans

OmniFocus rules. At least that is the received wisdom if you read almost any Mac-centric blog. We are all completely besotted with it. Poor old Things, reputed to be OF’s nearest competitor, gets little credit for trying. After a gestation period of at least five years they have eventually introduced a beta cloud sync, but it seems to have done them few favours.

That said, many people do like to take a contrarian view and I was intersted in this Lifehack article covering no fewer than eleven reasonable alternatives to OmniFocus. Some I’ve never heard of, others I am very familiar with. But I will have a look at all of them: Asana, Toodledo, Remember the Milk, Todo, Orchestra, Todo.txt, Astrid, Evernote,, and Producteev. That’s, er, ten. The eleventh is a customised spreadsheet. I can live without that one.

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