iPhone: Battery life is actually worse with iOS 5.1

Posted on by Mike Evans

We were led to believe that the update to iOS 5.1 had solved the iPhone’s battery woes. Not so, if my experience is anything to go by. I haven’t done a scientfic analysis, but subjectively my battery is running out sooner than it did before the upgrade. I am now luck to get to 4 pm before the battery needs a boost. I have seen more “low battery” warnings in the past two weeks than ever before. Admittedly, my iPhone 4S is now seven months old and I have to expect some degredation in battery performance. But the prognosis for the next six months until the next iPhone arrives is not good. 

We do expect too much from our batteries while insisting on faster processers, more synchronisation of photographs and other media, without realising that this all takes power. Nevertheless, I do not agree with those pundits who promised an improvement in 5.1.

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