BlackBerry's broken-bottle-in-the-neck party

Posted on by Mike Evans

Several times I have mentioned the increasing popularity of BlackBerrys among more rowdy elements. BlackBerrys were said to be at the heart of the “organisation” of last August’s flat-screen-tv riots in London.

Up to now, though, I cannot remember a stabbing at a BlackBerry event. Yesterday it happened. After the shindig, which attracted a host of technical journalists, there was a scramble for the cloakrooms and a man was stabbed in the neck by a broken bottle.

The telling paragraph from The Telegraph’s report:

People were crying and quite a lot were being sick, whether from the blood or the alcohol. A lot of people here were teen users of BlackBerry who don’t seem to have had a free drink before.

They sound just like the people I now see using BBs on a daily basis. With customers like these, who needs bad publicity? It’s a far cry from four years ago when BlackBerry ruled the serious enterprise market.

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