Arise Sir Jonathan: Ive is knighted by the Princess Royal

Posted on by Mike Evans

Fantastic sunny day here in London, just the job for an investiture. Apple’s design guru Jonathan Ive didn’t get to meet The Queen but, according to reports, had an animated chat with Princess Anne about her iPad. From what I’ve heard, the entire Royal Family is addicted to Apple’s magic tablet.

In an interview with The Telegraph published this morning, Ive didn’t comment when asked about all that faux stitching that adorns so many of Apple’s iOS apps, including iCal:

When I mention the fake stitching, Ive offers a wince but it’s a gesture of sympathy rather than a suggestion that he dislikes such things. At least, that’s how I read it. He refuses to be drawn on the matter, offering a diplomatic reply: “My focus is very much working with the other teams on the product ideas and then developing the hardware and so that’s our focus and that’s our responsibility. In terms of those elements you’re talking about, I’m not really connected to that.”

I like to think that a man of Sir Jonathan’s calibre could not have been responsible for such an appalling lapse of taste.

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