iPod Docks: Trophy Fabric Cuddler Audio Sofa in a house near you

Posted on by Mike Evans

Yesterday I was helping a friend choose an all-in-one radio, CD player and iPhone dock. Their numbers are legion, of course, but we finally narrowed down the choice to two great offerings from Pure and Denon, passing on the Bose. Fortunately, the decision was postponed because now comes news of something even better: The Trophy Fabric Cuddler Audio Sofa from DFS, the home of good furnishing taste.

Not only does this wonderful couch have a handy iPhone dock, it incorporates stereo speakers to keep you happy while you cuddle. What’s more, it’s a snip at £699 while the offer lasts (last seen at £1,398). Suspend your taste for a moment or two and it could be yours. Denon, pah!

(Via PocketLint)


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