iPad cannibalisation of Mac sales could be a good thing

Posted on by Mike Evans

Our own experience and strong anecdotal evidence points to the conclusion that iPads are cannibalising Mac sales. Confirmation comes in an article in AppleInsider relating how a leading analyst, Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray believes that some switch of sales from Macs to iPads is unavoidable. Apple is not worried. In January, Tim Cook said, "if this is cannibalisation, it feels pretty good."

With Apple's current domination of the tablet market, it is clear that the iPad is cannibalising the PC market to a much greater extent and this is one of the reasons Cook is sanguine. This is a win-win situation for Apple because every sale of an iPad to a non-Mac user adds to the already strong halo effect. Most of these iPads are bought as an addition to a laptop or desktop computer, rather than as a replacement.  And a successful experience with the iPad will persuade many to defect to Macs when they decide to buy a new PC.

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