Google it, Bing it by default

Posted on by Mike Evans

Few Mac users bother to question the default search engine in Safari. Goodle is has been, Google it is, Google it shall remain.

A few months ago I decided to change to Bing and have rather forgotten about it. It’s just been business as usual and only yesterday did I notice the “Bing” in the Safari search bar.

I’m still getting my results and haven’t been inconvenienced in any way; plus, I have moved away from Big Brother to what I believe is a slightly less intrusive search engine.

To change, go to Safari Preferences, General and amend the default search engine. Safari gives you two alternatives to Google: Bing and Yahoo. I haven’t used Yahoo for years and don’t hear many good things, so Bing it is. has some more information to allow you to make an informed choice.

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