Dropbox sync for Moneydance accounts

Posted on by Mike Evans

Moneydance is one of the best kept secrets in the world of applications. Yet for me it is the best accounts package by a mile.

It isn’t the prettiest, but it is rock solid. It appeals equally to the newcomer who just wants to balance his cheque account and to the experienced bookkeeper or accountant. Unlike most simplified category-based accounts packages, Moneydance has a fully fledged double-entry bookkeeping engine under its friendly hood.

I’ve been a devoted Moneydancer for six years and I regularly sync the data file among my Macs using Dropbox.

Up to now, though, the iOS app, which holds a subset of accounts, had to be synchronised over wifi. Now, there is a Dropbox sync version available from the App Store.

Pietro Montalcino of is also a long-time Moneydancer and here is his detailed overview of the new app.

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