Permanent SD storage with the Nifty MiniDrive

Posted on by Mike Evans

After the $10m success of the Pebble watch (still waiting for mine, by the way), Kickstarter projects are enjoying a golden age. This article in The Verge covers a very nifty idea indeed. 

It’s a brilliantly simple concept: Turn the SD card slot into a permanent home for flash storage without the inconvenience of having the card sticking out of the side of the computer. To achieve this, the Nifty MiniDrive consists of a tray to hold a micro-SD card of up to 2TB (although 64GB is about the current size readily available). The loaded drive then slots into the standard SD port and fits flush with the side of the computer. A paperclip can then be used to extract the MiniDrive when needed.

Unfortunately I wasn’t early-bird enough on this one and have missed the chance to subscribe to a drive from the first production run. However, we are only a couple of weeks from the product’s being fully funded, so I’ll keep me eyes peeled for the first arrivals in store.

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