Fiddle Sticks to all tinkerers

Posted on by Mike Evans

I keep schedules. I achieve deadlines. I have a calendar I obey. I have a task list that lights my path. I’m an adult with responsibilities, but fiddling will always be a priority. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that many of my favorite things all started with fiddling. - Macdrifter

Couldn’t have put it better myself. I’ve always been an incessant fiddler. I can’t leave well alone and continue to fiddle until I’ve broken something. Then remorse sets in. But, as this article in Macdrifter emphasises, it isn’t always a bad thing to fiddle. Fiddling broadens the mind and  helps achieve perfection. 

At the moment I am fiddling mightily with my web site. I have been very happy with Squarespace, the host of MacFilos, and I have few complaints. Most times I just get on with the job of writing and SS copes with all the detail. But my old-fashioned Squarespace 5 has been recast into the all-new, belled-and-whistled Squarespace 6. Trouble is, this is a completely new system which involves setting up templates and all variables, then, at the crucial hour, switching over. It’s a big step, just because something can go wrong.

Egged on by my friend Austin White of ThoughtfulDesign, who migrated to SS6 a few weeks ago, I’ve been fiddling with templates and getting ready for the big switchover. It’s not easy and I keep going back to fiddle some more. I had hoped to go live, with a completely new look, this weekend, but I decided to have another tinker. 

When the big day comes I will warn you, just in case something goes wrong. I’m particularly anxious to avoid upsetting the RSS feeds to my regular readers, so a bit more fiddling is called for.

With all this fiddling I’ve hardly had time to write stuff.

(Thanks to Justin Blanton for the lead on this)

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