Be safe, leave the tablet at home

Posted on by Mike Evans

James Kendrick, writing in ZDNet, puts a new slant on the perennial argument as to whether or not a tablet is a full replacement for a laptop. “Be safe with a notebook,” he says, “leave the tablet at home.”

Almost every day I hear from someone asking the tablet/ notebook question on the behalf of a “friend/colleague/family member” and my answer is always to go with the notebook. Nothing will turn you from hero to zero faster than recommending a tablet over a notebook, only to have the tablet user need to do a work function that can’t be done without a notebook. You’ll be off the Christmas list pretty darn quickly.

James has an excellent point. For many people, a tablet is all the computer they need. But if you need to do serious work and have to choose one or the other, go for the laptop any day.

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