Leica's news conference grinds exceeding slow

Posted on by Mike Evans

Kim Phuc, running  third from left:  This photograph of suffering is credited with having led  directly to the end of the Vietnam war.

What's the difference between a Leica press conference and an Apple event? Someone at this evening's Cologne shindig asked the question. He suggested the difference was suits (instead of jeans and untucked shirts) and champagne instead of coffee.

There are other differences, though. The Leica event started late, early delivery not being a noted Leica talent, just after 7 pm German time.

We have had an hour of presenting famous photographers and notable subjects, including a touching appearance by Kim Phuc ("die Frau, die das Mädchen war") whose Leica-taken photograph as refugee child was largely responsible for the end of the war.

Now they've closed down for an hour and left all the journalists and VIPs sipping their champagne. The product announcements start at 9 pm.

All I can say is that photo journos must have more patience than thier tech counterparts.

by Mike Evans, 17 September 2012

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