Apple and Leica, a convergence of passions

Posted on by Mike Evans

It's good when two of your passions coalesce into one interesting situation. So it is with the Jonathan Ive Leica M. Petapixel tells us that Sir Jony has offered to design a one-off Leica M which will be donated to charity. This is something I have to see; and it will be so interesting to discover how much it raises. I just hope it isn't as garish as Paul Smith's decoration of the humble Leica X2.

Can Jonathan Ive do a better job of his Leica M edition than Paul Smith did with the X2? As an antidote to the Monochrom, this garish little point-and-shoot takes some beating. And doesn't that red dot clash with the orange? It is one of 1,500 special edition X2s. The Ive Leica M will be one of one. 

by Mike Evans, 18 September 2012

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