Vodafone EuroTraveller is a good deal

Posted on by Mike Evans

This weekend in Germany is the first time I have been able to use Vodafone's new EuroTraveller package for roaming in Europe. On first acquaintance, assuming no nasty surprises when I get my bill, this is a brilliant deal. For £3 ($4.50) a day you can use all your UK minutes, text messages and data without restriction. This is a big improvement on the old system where you paid £2 for 25MB of data plus high charges for phone calls and texts.

In theory, therefore, unless you call premium numbers or numbers outside the UK there will be no extra charges. And for data users, this is an absolutely brilliant deal. No longer do you need worry about going over 25MB because the only limit is the size of your UK data plan.

Once you have opted in to EuroTraveller you will be charged the £3 once a day whenever you use the phone abroad, whether for call, text or data. So, for instance, a on a week's vacation you will pay only £21 in order to continue using your phone as you would at home. In most cases EuroTraveller is a better bet than getting a local SIM card, especially for data, unless you plan to spend long periods in another European country.

by Mike Evans, 22 September 2012

UPDATE: EuroTraveller does not include any additional tethering data which you pay for in addition to the standard phone contract. The ceiling on your roaming data is whatever is included in the monthly allowance.

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