New 100-pin dock connector unveiled

Posted on by Mike Evans

Is this Apple's new 100-pin dock connector? We can be glad we don't have the heavy-duty requirements of modern electric trains. This massive 100-pin device supplied by Schaku and fitted to a Stadler double-decker regional train, is an automatic dock connector to carry all the train's communications between units. And we think we are hard done by with the new iPhone's mini connector.

On Friday it was the world's largest small railway in Hamburg. Today, the world's largest big railway exhibition, InnoTrans, in Berlin. It's public day and the trainspotters are out in force to climb all over the latest in inter-city and urban transport, from trams to high-speed rail. All enthusiast exhibitions, whether in computers, cameras or trains, are the same. It's just that some are bigger than others. Here we have big toys for little boys.

Acres of trains and bogies to clamber over. Traingeek heaven at InnoTrans, Berlin

Above, left to right: Geek-o-geek Berlin train style; More to this green bogie than meets the eye; more trains are offering wifi, as here on Czech Rail; oompah, oompah, no Berlin show would be complete without an oompah band.

by Mike Evans, 23 September 2012

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