Lighting connector a tight fit and a great product

Posted on by Mike Evans

After a day of plugging and unplugging I cannot fault the design or function of the new Lightning connector. The small size is a great improvement; even the cable is thinner and the USB-A plug has been slimmed down as much as possible. Above all, the ambidextrous ways of this plug are pure genius after a decade of fumbling in the dark.

The Apple Lightning connector concept is a much better than the ubiquitous USB Micro as mandated by the European Union and adopted by most of the industry. I am willing to pay a bit extra to have the satisfaction of using a perfect connector, even if it does mean a temporary hiatus. Full marks to Apple for again doing what is necessary rather than accepting second best.

There have been a couple of reports this morning that the new, smaller USB-A plug is a tight fit and has become stuck in the charger socket. It is certainly tight, but I have had no problems removing it. The Lightning connector to the iPhone is also a tight fit and that is a good thing. It does not wobble around and pull out easily, as is the case with the USB Micro plug

Spare cables are expensive, as we have come to expect. I bought two this morning at £15 each. But I see this as an investment in the future. The USB Micro to Lightning connector is also available, presumably to satisfy the mandarins of Brussels. Keeping one in your travel bag in case you forget the Apple Lightning cable is probably a good idea.

by Mike Evans, 25 September 2012

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