OmniPuss strays out of focus. Sad story

Posted on by Mike Evans

Lotus the OmniCat is no more. At the respectable old age of 19, poor old Lotus has become an ex-project at the Omni Group's Seattle headquarters. She has had a fitting and moving tribute from OmniGuy, Bill Van Hecke this morning.

Poor old Lotus, a stray who was given shelter at Omni long before most of us had taken to all those wonderful applications, the greatest of which is OmniFocus.

Here in Mykonos cats are legion, most of them strays. And on my daily walk into town I pass dozens of them, sitting around, stalking and, mostly, waiting for the odd cat biscuit.

One of my neighbours, who often joins me on the coastal walk, carries a little bag of food which is doled out piecemeal to the homeless moggies.

One puss, though, is pretty disdainful and sits on his wall near the famous windmills, looking out to sea and guarding his own bit of Lebensraum.

We call him Hitler the Cat, you will see why, although he's a much gentler soul than his namesake.

by Mike Evans, 6 September 2012

Hitler the Cat, photographed yesterday morning, on his very own wall looking out to the blue Aegean and the distant island of Delos. He's nothing like fluffy OmniLotus, but a lovely puss nonetheless. Below: Hitler Cat's view of the Aegean (Photos: Mike Evans, Leica X2)

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