Berlin Apple Store delayed yet again

Posted on by Mike Evans

Berlin is possibly the only capital city in Europe, other than Athens, that still does not have an official Apple Store. The site on Kurfürstendamm has been under construction for several years. Every time I visit the city I have to go for a peep, but the impressive former cinema is still hidden behind hoardings. Local fans had hoped for an opening before Christmas but, as it now seems likely, it is now delayed until March 2013. Staff are being hired at the moment, so that's a good sign.

Still under construction, the Apple Store with the longest gestation period is coming to Berlin in March. (Photo courtesy of

This überlong gestation period is a mystery to me. Already Apple has ten stores in Germany, many of them in much smaller places. Today I visited the Augsburg store in the City-Galerie Mall on Willy-Brandt-Platz (photo). This is a city with a population of only 267,000 compared with Berlin's 3.5 million. At least, unless there are further delays, the impressive building in Berlin should provide a flagship store for Germany to be proud of. Better late than never.

Augsburg is a relatively small city yet has a large mall-style Apple Store. There are nine others in Germany, but none yet in the capital, Berlin.

by Mike Evans, 11 January 2013

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