iPad Air, lighter, thinner available November 1

Posted on by Mike Evans

iPad has become one of the most successful products in Apple's history and one of the most successful in the industry. Earlier this month Apple crossed the 170m iPad sales. iPad is used more than any competitors, four-time more than all other tablets combined. Tim Cook says: "People use it and people love it: Number one in customer satisfaction." Great platform for third-party developers with 475,000 apps specifically designed for the iPad. iPad has been described as the biggest shift of our generation, designed to be the best tool for the things consumers do most often.

Today's annoucement: Thinner, lighter new iPad to be called to iPad Air, 9.7in retina disoplay, thinner bezels, 43% thinner than the previous version, more comfortable to hold in the hand. The new Air weighs just 1lb, dramatically lighter and more handleable than the old model. Inside is a new A7 chip as in the iPhone: 64-bit desktop-class processor, twice as fast as the previous generation, twice the graphics performance, 72-times faster than the original iPad: "Screaming fast iPad". It also includes extended LTE performance for greater compatibility throughout the world. Still has 10-hour battery life. Comes in silver and white, space grey and black. Prices are held from £499. The current iPad 2 will remain on sale at $399. Air will ship on November 1 around the world, including China.

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