Returning an iPad Mini: Not for the feint hearted

Posted on by Mike Evans

I have been struggling for two weeks to return the iPad Mini I ordered from Previously I wrote about the frustrations of waiting in for parcels and the problems of returning items. It doesn't get any better. I have just wasted a full afternoon sitting around waiting for a collection that never happened.

If you buy from and want to return anything it has to be collected by a courier of Apple's choice. Returning it to the nearest Apple store would be just too simple. That's why buying from a brick-and-mortar Apple Store is by far the most sensible and convenient method. The only reason I used in this instance was because I ordered the retina Mini in the first minute of availability and naïvely imagined this would give me some sort of early delivery. In the end I was able to walk into an Apple Store, buy on the spot and then cancel the on-line order.

The snag was that the cancelled ordered wasn't. It eventually arrived and ever since I have been trying to rid myself of the troublesome tablet. Today I arranged with the chosen medium, TNT, to collect the package. I gave them full instructions, including my phone number. After waiting five hours I telephoned TNT and was told the driver had arrived and couldn't raise anyone. No attempt was made to call me by phone as I had requested.

Unfortunately, this sort of thing is par for the course. I abhor couriers and all their works.

As you can imagine I had an interesting exchange of views with TNT and then an equally difficult conversation with Could I arrange for someone else to sit in for five hours in order to have the parcel collected? No, I couldn't. Could I waste another afternoon to give TNT another chance? No, I couldn't and wouldn't.

In the end, as a special concession, I am being allowed to mail the box back to and they will reimburse the postage. I could have done this two weeks ago and it would have been far simpler and less wasteful of my time. They would have had their stock back and I would have had my refund.

In future I shall order from only in the direst emergency.

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