Easyfix Mac Pro could be cheaper in the long run

Posted on by Mike Evans

The dinky new Mac Pro cylinder is extremely compact and looks as though it could be difficult to repair or upgrade, just like Apple's current laptops. Not so, according to iFixit who have torn down a sample and given it a remarkable 8 out of 10 score for repairability (10 being the easiest to repair). Despite its compactness, the new Pro is easy to take apart, RAM upgrades are a snap and even the CPU is user-replaceable.

With this in mind, the Mac Pro could make a lot of sense as a basis for five years or more of upgradeable computing life--in direct contrast to Apple's notoriously repair-averse laptops which are likely to be feeling outdated after three or even two years. In the long run, therefore, the Mac Pro could be an economical choice for anyone who likes to fiddle and needs to be able to upgrade regularly.

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