iPad Air or Mini: More help for doubting Thomases

Posted on by Mike Evans

The dilemma in choosing between the new iPad Air and its smaller sibling, the Mini, is no nearer to resolution. I bought the Air (while waiting for the Mini to be delivered) and returned it after deciding I preferred the smaller sized tablet. Many tech writers have faced the same doubt and some are still wondering if they made the right choice. There must be swarms of owners and potential buyers out there in a state of nervous angst.

Shawn Blanc rides to the rescue today. He has been using both models side by side and now has some interesting conclusions in his article here. After extensive testing he comes down, just, in favour of the smaller Mini. But it's a close-run thing. Shawn has determined to continue using both machines until he can be absolutely certain of his ultimate preference.

It seems that whichever of these two iPads you eventually choose you cannot go far wrong.

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