iPad mini two months on

Posted on by Mike Evans

After a couple of months with the iPad mini I can honestly say that it has become my carry-everywhere, first-line computing platform. I don't miss the big iPad one little bit. I am even used to the non-retina display, although the possibility of an upgrade in mid-year is appealing.

To a large extent, the mini has taken over the tasks I used to perform on my iPhone. The phone is now relegated to handling the odd phone calls and text messages. It's also great to be able to pull the phone out of the pocket to make quick notes or jot down expenses. Other than that, it's the mini all the way.

I am seriously wondering why I need two portable computing devices when there is so much duplication of capabilities. I used to love the iPhone for reading books but, since the mini came a along, I am comfortable carring it everywhere and pulling it out on public transport to continue the chapter. This was never the case with the big iPad which was just too heavy and bulky to be used like this.

Is it time for a convergence device, one that would handle the occasional phone call or text message while offering a bit more screen-estate for productive work? I am fascinated by all the rumours of a larger iPhone, perhaps with a 5in or, even, 6in screen. Such a beast, I think, could probably take over from both the current small iPhone and the iPad mini. I think it will happen and I will certainly be an early buyer.

The other current Big Rumour is the so-called iWatch. Again, I am interested in the concept of a smart wrist device. I have still not received my Kickstarter Pebble but I fear it could be knocked out of the running if the iWatch rumours prove to have substance.

If the new Apple device were more than simply a terminal for the iPhone I would be even more impressed. Imagine having a wrist communicator that replaces rather than complements the phone. Now that would be something.

by Mike Evans, 12 February 2013

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