Apple TV and keyboard, heavenly match

Posted on by Mike Evans

The Apple TV grows in stature by the month. Last week's iOS 6.1 update brought Bluetooth keyboard support and this is what the ATV has needed from the start. I connected a standard Apple Wireless Keyboard and it was a straightforward and painless experience. I look forward to dedicated mini keyboards, perhaps including remote controls for televisions and media boxes.

Last night I spent a couple of hours browsing YouTube on the Apple TV and it was great, much more akin to using a computer. In the past, the laborious hunt-and-peck text input acted as a definite discouragement.

Similarly, my late-model Samsung Smart TV is feeling a bit long in the tooth now I have experienced quick text input to the Apple device. Both the television and the TiVo box are so much more awkward to navigate. I hope that Apple's initiative will force set manufacturers to add Bluetooth support.

by Mike Evans, 12 February 2013

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