Pebble rolls in: First thoughts

Posted on by Mike Evans

Five days ago I received a shipping notice from Pebble and today the box dropped through my letterbox. The package is minimalist, in Amazon style, and the contents also minimal: A Pebble watch (mine is in black with black rubber strap) and a USB charging cable. Couldn't be simpler and I could get all the information I needed from the Pebble web site.

So far I am impressed by the speed and ease of set up. Pairing with my iPhone was straightforward and immediately the Pebble updated its software and I was offered the latest watch faces for download.

After all the fuss (this was the biggest Kickstarter project ever) and the long, long wait, I thought I would be more excited. But I have nothing to complain about and I now hope the Pebble lives up to the hype.

The watch is getting its final charge and I shall be trying it out over the next few weeks.

by Mike Evans, 22 March 2013

LATER: Woke today (March 23) to find the watch display corrupted, although the functions still appear to be working. I fiddled with the buttons and managed to resuscitate the display. Unfortunately the screen garbling happened again and the watch is currently useless. On checking the forums I find this problem has happened to other customers. My problem has been reported and all I can do is wait. After all the delays and high expectations, this defect is frustrating and disappointing. I am beginning to lose my interest but let's see how long it takes Pebble to get back to me.

MARCH 23: After spending most of yesterday with a screen looking much like a 1950s television set after the last broadcast of the day--snow--the Pebble has sprung back to life this morning. The watch face is whole, with no distortions, and texts/emails are coming in bright and clear. Mysterious, but not entirely encouraging. Watch this space.

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