Pebble powers up....and down again

Posted on by Mike Evans

After initial disappointments and frustrations with the new Pebble watch, I have been rather amazed to find the problems appear to have self-corrected. There has been no repetition of the screen corruption after the first day and the watch is currently behaving impeccably. I have had it on my right wrist (I cannot give up my beloved IWC on the left) for the past two days and I have to say I am finding the notifications of calls and text messages extremely useful. The vibrator is sturdy and unmissable (unlike that on the Citizen Proximity watch) and the ability to read messages on the Pebble without pulling out the phone is highly useful. I set the font size to small and I get the first 25 words of a message on the screen at once (I can also scroll down) and I find this more than adequate.

So far so good. If the Pebble continues to behave I will publish my full impressions soon.

A DAY LATER: More angst. This afternoon I turned to the Pebble and found a blank screen. Dead, dodo. I suspected a flat battery, despite the mere 48 hours since a full charge, but this turned out to be optimistic. My Pebble is now completely dead after for hour or charging. Not a good sign. And I still have no reply from Pebble to my original complaint.

Two days later: It came back to life again and is again working perfectly, full battery. Just when I've given up the Pebble comes back to charm me. Perhaps I can now start a serious test.

by Mike Evans, 25 March 2013

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