iOS 6: Losing data signal

Posted on by Mike Evans

Have you noticed loss of data signal on your iOS devices? This has been happening to me with increasing frequency and occurs on both iPhone and iPad mini. Typically the 3G or LTE icon disappears and there is no internet.

The first assumption is that there is a local fault with the service provider's signal. Until I got my iPad mini and took out an EE LTE contract I was inclined to blame Vodafone. However, it is now occurring frequently with both Vodafone and EE. The obvious first aid is to briefly toggle the Airplane Mode setting but it doesn't work. Nothing short of a complete power down and reboot will bring the data signal back.

Anyone know of a reason for this? Since it is happening on both devices and on different carriers means we can rule out device settings.

by Mike Evans, 8 March 2013

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