Apple WWDC: When the whole is greater than the sum

Posted on by Mike Evans

 iOS7 Control Centre: Coming of age

iOS7 Control Centre: Coming of age

Yesterday Apple came of age, iOS moved into the big school and OSX Mavericks will have gladdened the hearts of power users. I found the WWDC Keynote to be profoundly exciting, encouraging and a demonstration that Apple can still innovate without losing sight of the overall aims of its ecosystem. All these developments, including iWork for iCloud and iCloud Keychain, bind together what is already the world's most integrated and generally productive way of working.

We are now so used to seamless synchronisation between phone, tablet and computer that it would be a tremendous shock to go back to the way of working ten years ago. Moving away from Apple, even now, can be a stressful experience and this explains why customer loyalty among Apple's user base is unrivalled.

Apple software may not have the most bells and whistles, the devices may not be the cheapest, but the whole experience of embracing the Apple system is without doubt the best there is. Yesterday Apple proved that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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