Airport Extreme: Simple installation, better coverage

Posted on by Mike Evans


While in Washington, DC, last week I was with Ralf Meier, when he bought his new mini-tower Airport Extreme. Ever the perfect host, however, he refused to install it there and then because he worried about his guests being deprived of the internet for an hour or two. He needn't have worried because the installation went without a hitch when he swapped routers yesterday. The new AE read all the settings from the old router and was up and running within a few minutes.

Ralf reports that he is now getting a much stronger wifi signal throughout the house. Even neighbours who previously hadn't detected the network are getting a loud and clear signal. Also, since Ralf is the proud owner of a 2013 MacBook Air he is able to take advantage of the increased network speed of the new router.

All this is a good example of the way in which Apple has the knack of offering painless upgrades.

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