Evernote: 65m users and growing

Posted on by Mike Evans

This morning I received a nice little note from Evernote announcing their 65-millionth user and offering congratulations on my being one of the earliest converts. 235,281 is a nice early number and it's surprising the Evernote team is able to pull out stats like this.


I must have been using Evernote for nearly five years and I cannot now imagine a time when I did not have the ability to store web pages, product manuals, photographs, outlines and all mannor documents for safe keeping, text recognition and near-instant retrieval. Many's the time my bacon has been saved at an airport or at the head of some bureaucratic queue when Evernote has produced the right document or information in the nick of time.

Everyone should have a free Evernote account and install it on their computer, iPad and iPhone. But I would recommend Evernote Premium which costs £35 a year. For this you get bigger upload limits (1GB a month), offline notebooks (a lifesaver when you need a document when no wifi is available) and much more.

As with Dropbox, which is an essential tool and guarder of data, Evernote is a service I could not manage without.

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