Coltrane Koh: An outstanding portfolio of work

Posted on by Mike Evans

Last week I met a successful South Wales photographer, Coltrane Koh, at a London event. Later I checked Cole's portfolio and discovered it is one of the most stunning I have seen anywhere. The conceptual work is absolutely outstanding and his animal series is is certainly the among best I have encountered. Do yourself a favour and check out his work here. I shall be amazed if you are not amazed. I feel like a second-rater after seing this. I asked Cole where he found all the props and was told it was just stuff he had hanging around. I wasn't fooled: There is tremendous effort and a great deal of sourcing that goes into this photography. He also takes full advantage of interesting locations and events such as a costume murder weekend, the North Yorks Railway and the Goth weekend at Whitby. Coincidentally, it was Goth weekend when Ralf Meier and I visited the railway last year. Small world.

Two examples of conceptual work. Above:  The Shakespeare Apocrypha. Below: Sweetheart Sleep Tight. Both images copyright Coltrane Koh, reproduced with permission.

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