Leica X Vario: More pix, more gnashing of teeth

Posted on by Mike Evans

More leaked pictures, more confirmation of the dismal specification of the new Leica X Vario: APS-C, 28-70mm zoom with f/3.5-f/6.4 aperture. No one wants to believe and there is a great wailing and gnashing of teeth among Leica fans.

Leica X Vario.jpg

The forums are agog with disbelief and most contributors are in total denial. The rumoured camera is so improbable that the stories must be false. They still live in hope of an interchangeable-lens mini-M system or a fixed 35mm full-sensor Sony RX1 killer. Fans will be disapointed because I am afraid the leaked specifications are correct. The images may have been badly Photoshopped but that does not mean that the camera does not exist, nor that the disclosed specification is incorrect.

We now have only four days to wait for confirmation from Leica. This will be a worthy little camera, probably quite excellent in many respects. In differenet circumstances and at a lower price I might buy one. But with that lens it is wholly uncompetitive, especially at a price of £2,000.

Doubting Tomases see this: Leica X Vario Typ 107

Further update on June 7: Body is bigger than X2

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