Shattering news as iPhone 5 falls flat on face

Posted on by Mike Evans

Until today my various iPhones over five years have led a charmed life. Not a screen has been damaged. Today, I suppose inevitably, my confidence and my screen was shattered. Getting out of the car, I dropped the iPhone 5 on the tarmac. The cover had been open (memo to self: keep cover closed in future) and, in best buttered toast tradition, the screen was the first bit to hit the road. It is too late in the day to call Apple and, to complicate matters, I am on the road and will be away from base until the weekend. But initial investigations are none too promising. Replacement of iPhone 5 screens is an expensive business, by all accounts. Apparently Apple has started replacing screens in the US for $149 and this is said to be "cheap". One third-party repairer I found in the net wanted £179. Tomorrow I shall find out the worst. My thoughts are already turning to London's Chinatown where all types of repairs are on offer at bargain prices. But would a cheap screen repair pass muster?

See how I solved the problem here 

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