I Hafid, I want eh know you. I big fool

Posted on by Mike Evans

When a German tourist had her smartphone stolen in Ibiza she reckoned without Dropbox. Soon, photos and videos of the new "owner", Hafid, started appearing in her photo stream. Although the unnamed tourist didn't have the gumption to change her Dropbox password (or, if the phone was an iPhone, power up Find my Phone to clear the memory) she did use the new material to write an entertaining Tumblr blog where she named and shamed the unfortunate Hafid. She also forgot to change her Skype password and the irrepressible Hafid was soon importuning all her female friends: "I Hafid from United Emirates, I want eh know you".

Perhaps poor old Hafid is an innocent abroad. Maybe he bought the stolen phone from the back of a lorry in Dubai, but the photos do make interesting viewing.

Moral of this story: If you are smart enough to be able to start a Tumblr blog you should know how to take a few basic precautions when your phone is stolen.

Hafid (right) and his friends photographed on the stolen smartphone

Hafid (right) and his friends photographed on the stolen smartphone

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