New iPhone to be announced on September 10

Posted on by Mike Evans

The iPhone 5S will be announced on September 10 and will offer few surprises other than the strong possibility of a finger-print sensor home button. The new phone will have a four-inch screen, the same as the current model, but will be powered by a faster processor. The plausible rumour was published yesterday in AllThingsD which has a good track record for accuracy.

For once, the hardware is likely to play second fiddle to the radically different look of iOS 7. Gone is the tooled leather and fussiness in favour of a clean, modern, Jony Ivish image that is likely to be controversial. Personally, having seen a preview of iOS 7 in action, I think the new look is great and will transform the user experience for the better. I believe it will be welcomed wholeheartedly by the Apple community. In fact, I am looking forward more to iOS 7 than I am to the new hardware or, for that matter, the new Mac OS.

AllThingsD also discloses that OS X Mavericks is nearing release, although it might not come at the September 10 event.

COLOUR UPDATE: There are suggestions that a gold-coloured phone will complement the existing black and white. And a range of cheaper, plastic phones in a multitude of colours will be launched under the 5C banner.

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