Nomophobia: Guilty as charged, m'Lud

Posted on by Mike Evans

More than half the population of Britain suffers from nomophobia, a fear of being separated from the mobile phone. No-mobile-phobia, geddit? This morning's Telegraph outlines the affliction and the extent of its penetration of our culture.

 Photo Mike Evans, Sony RX1

Photo Mike Evans, Sony RX1

I freely admit I suffer from the disease. On rare occasions I have gone out of the house without my iPhone and its loss bugs me so much I will make a significant sacrifice to return before resuming my journey.

Only last week I walked into Mykonos town and realised only when I got there that my left-hand pocket was unaccustomly empty. Fortunately, in this instance, I had my iPad mini in the bag and was able to communicate via email and Messages. Without either I am totally bereft and get stressed. I am forever chimping at the phone for the latest news or messages from friends and colleagues.

Is there a cure for nomophobia? I suspect not and I'm not so sure I'd want one. It is good to keep in touch and it is no wonder I feel stressed when my phone is not in my pocket.

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