iPhone 6 Plus: Your store without iPhone in it is shit

Posted on by Mike Evans

Apple's new iPhone 6 Plus is proving far more popular than analysts foretold. Even Apple, by all accounts, has been astounded by the buoyancy of the bigger "phablet" in relation to the iPhone 6, which is itself larger than the 5S. Tim Cook has said that supply may not catch up with demand until 2015. 

In the USA, T-Mobile's John Legere said that the 6 Plus is generating unprecedented demand and at one point accounted for 55 percent of the company's smartphone sales. T-Mobile was expecting the smaller 4.7in phone to account for up to 80 percent of sales. Instead, demand for the 6 Plus was huge: "We got hammered by it," said Legere. He is also reported to have told his staff, "Get on your knees, crawl over there, do whatever the hell you have to do. Your store without the iPhone in it is shit."

Via Apple Insider

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