iPhone 6 Productivity: Working in portrait format with the Belkin dock

Posted on by Mike Evans

I have written extensively about the way in which the iPhone 6 Plus is made for use in landscape mode. The longer screen is perfect for apps that use a sidebar, as with most iPad productivity apps.

At the moment, however, many well-used applications do not work in landscape mode. So it it better to work in portrait mode, at least temporarily until the developers get their collective act together?

I cast around for a way of propping up the 6 Plus in portrait format, preferably without spending any money. I found it sitting on my desk looking at me ― the little Belkin iPhone dock. It isn't heavy, fits easily in a bag and has an integrated lightning cable that can be plugged in to a mains charger or spare battery. Most iPhone stands do not permit charging at the same time. 

So, I set forth with the Belkin, my Mophie Power Station battery, the iPhone 6 Plus in the lightweight Apple silicone rubber back case and my modified Logitech keyboard. It is a compact and quite light set up.

Surprisingly, it works a perfectly. In fact, I am not sure that I don't prefer it to working in landscape. Certainly there are now no problems with those apps such as OmniFocus, Reeder and Moneydance that have not yet been optimised for landscape. 

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