Apple and IBM: A partnership for success in the corporate world

Posted on by Mike Evans

Today's announcement of a world-wide co-operation between Apple and IBM has the makings of one of the most successful tech partnerships in history. From now on, Apple and IBM will work together to develop IT in the workplace. Sure, Apple has been making great head road into the corporate sector in recent months, with iPads and iPhones becoming a de facto standard in more and more companies.

But IBM has the world-wide sales force and an enviable corporate presence which can only benefit Apple. In the long term, IBM gains access to iOS and will be able to extend its systems to the mobile sector in a controlled way. It is a measure of the reliability and security of the Apple ecosystem that IBM has given this vote of confidence. In the past, Apple has been accused of lacking a serious approach to the corporate world. Now, with the new IBM link this is no longer a realistic criticism. On the contrary, I see big things coming from this new partnership. From Apple's point of view, the co-operation will lead to greater sales of mobile devices and the halo effect is sure to impact Mac sales in the long run.

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