iPhone 6 should be the iPhone. Period.

Posted on by Mike Evans

Why continue the practice of incremental naming of successive iPhone models, wonders Evan Niu at The Motley Fool? I can understand his point, but I am not sure I agree. There is something reassuring in a clear progression of model numbers. When they are gone, confusion reigns and we have to start qualifying models with their characteristics.

Apple has already dropped numbering on the iPad and I don't really like not having this clear indication of age and performance. In the photographic world Leica, did the same with what is now confusingly called the M. For sixty years the iconic M cameras had progressed logically, from M3 (although there was a later iteration called the M2) through to the M9.

Then came the new M10 only it reverted back to simply being the M. Since M is used as a generic for all M cameras manufactured since 1954, we now have to resort to adding "Type 240" to the M's naked moniker. This is even more confusing and I believe Leica should have kept the original sequence running. 


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