Free wifi, no strings, no passwords, hotels as they should be

Posted on by Mike Evans

Few people have a good word for hotel wifi systems. They are either fiendishly complicated to access, thanks to hoteliers' fretting over losing a megabyte of data to non guests, or they plain just don't work. 

This weekend I am staying in an hotel in central Aarhus during the 50th city festival, a photo assignment for MacFilos. This place has perhaps the best hotel wifi I have experienced anywhere in the world. It is free, of course, but unusually there are no passwords, no silly time-limited chitties to obtain from reception. It's just like being at home and the signal is loud and clear, at least in my room. 

Why cannot all hotels just accept that wifi is nowadays essential and that it should be free, as easy to access and as reliable as hot and cold water.? We have a long way to go until this principle is universally accepted, but Aarhus is showing the way.  

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