Surprise, surprise: Porn filters aren't popular

How many among the millions actually do want a default "family friendly" filtering service? Not many, it seems. BT reports a 5% take up, at Sky it is 8% and only 4% of Virgin users are at all concerned about internet content. Only over at Talk-Talk, for some unfathomable reason, do 36% of customers think censorship is a good idea. Perhaps this says more about TalkTalk's customers than about the nation as a whole.

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iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, that is the question

Apple has obviously considered all the implications, from the splitting of the iPhone market to the impact this could have on iPad (in particularly iPad mini) sales. We are entering a period of convergence, just as the iPhone itself was a convergence of many different stand-alone technology products, and I suspect the distinction between call-enabled devices and the now-familiar tablet will become blurred.

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How Steve Jobs finished the Finnish jobs market

Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb has accused the late Steve Jobs of ruining the country's employment market by selling innovations that caught Finland's companies off guard. Two industries? Yes, Apple's sneaky iPhone crushed the mighty Nokia and the disruptive iPad knocked out the forestry industry. We're not using as much paper, you see.

Please shed your tears for Finland. 

Via The Australian

Dropbox: Overpriced and over here

Dropbox is to open an office in the UK So it is now a case of over priced and over here, to borrow a second-World War metaphor. Come on Dropbox UK, let's have some pricing action.  If you still want to woo me with your American charm, better reduce the cost of the nylons and the chewing gum.

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Another good quarter for Apple

Apple has just announced another good set of results for the second quarter of the calendar year, with a sharply increased gross profit margin just short of 40%, compared with 37% a year ago, and substantial increases in sales of iPhones (up 13%)  and Macs (up 16%). iPads are down by 9% and iPods, predictably, show a further decline of 36%. 

Macstories has put together a series of graphs which explain the quarter's figures in more detail.

Smartphone sales in US are in "Late Majority" stage

As Geoffrey Moore explained, the marketing of technology products needs to be varied as we get into different phases of the market. Innovators (first 2.5%) need to be sold on the premise of novelty itself. Early adopters (next 13.5%) seek status and exclusivity. Early majority (34%) seek acceptance and Late Majority (34%) seek pragmatic productivity. Laggards (last 16%) seek safety.

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App Store turns six and we've never looked back

This week six years ago Steve Jobs launch the Apple App Store for iOS devices. It is now hard to imagine how we ever managed without it. Not only has it transformed the way we use and interact with our phones and tablets, it has revolutionised the whole rigmarole of buying and installing software, not only on smartphones but also on the Mac.

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Vodafone Euro Traveller goes further but costs rise

Vodafone has extended the benefits of its popular EuroTraveller scheme to eight distant lands although the cost has risen. As a frequent traveller around Europe I now take full advantage of Vodafone's existing EuroTraveller plug-in which, for £2 a day allows you to roam without worrying about costs.  With EuroTraveller, whatever deal you get in Britain—in my case this includes unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 8GB of monthly data—can be used also in other European countries. 

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