Photography by night: I meet my Waterloo

Posted on by Mike Evans

Intriguing appointment for tomorrow evening: Photogaphy by night, preferably in black and white, near London's Waterloo Station which is named after Bonaparte's famous defeat in 1815. With luck this will not be my Waterloo as I decide what equipment to take. Since I don't use flash and refuse to carry a tripod, my options are limited. The mention of black and white almost certainly compels me to pack the Leica Monochrom. But what lens to take? A good photographer friend recommends the 35mm Summicron because it is easier to focus than the Summilux, particlarly in dark conditions, and on the basis that the one-stop loss in aperture can be compensated for by upping the ISO. I am persuaded by this argument but, on balance, I shall pack the 35mm Summilux to give me that extra flexibility. Watch out for the results tomorrow or Thursday.