Leica R lenses on the new Sony A7

Posted on by Mike Evans

Hmmm... So Leica have still not delivered on their one-year-old promise to supply an R lens adapter for the M mount. I'm fed up waiting, so I ordered a Metabones R adapter to go with the Sony A7r I am expecting later this month. After pontificating on the wisdom or otherwise of using M lenses on the Sony, I've turned my attention to the R since I just happen to have an old 28-70mm zoom on the top shelf. This article by Frank Doorhof has whetted my appetite.

I am still undecided on the best M adaptor to buy for the Sony. I've considered Metabones, Novoflex and the newly announced Voigtländer, so it will be interesing to check out the quality of the Metabones when it arrives this week.