Leica M comes back from surgery

Posted on by Mike Evans

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Today I collected my Leica M which had been back to the factory in Solms for the second time since I bought it at the end of March. The first occasion was for the lug recall (some earlier models had developed loose lugs so all cameras in the batch were recalled). The second time was because of repeated lock-ups which often required the battery to be removed before the camera would function. I sent it off on August 1 and outlined the background in this article.

The camera arrived back at the supplying dealer, Red Dot Cameras in London, exactly three weeks later but I was out of the country at the time. I now have it back in my hands and, so far, it is behaving impeccably. The worksheet discloses no replacement parts but adjustments were made to shutter times, exposure meter and rangefinder. In addition, as usual, the factory performed a general adjustment and cleaning. Most of this is routine when a warranty camera goes back to Solms so I am still none the wiser about the cause of the lock up. There was no charge for the work, of course.

Now I need to give the camera a good field test to see if it is now fully reliable.