Leica C tested by Dxomark: Elegant, capable, struggles in low light

Posted on by Mike Evans

With the stabilized zoom and EVF it’s an appealing camera but while the Leica C is a good performer it struggles in comparison with similarly priced, albeit larger sensor rivals, particularly in low light and at high ISO settings. As a compact camera it’s an attractive option although it looks expensive when compared to those models. If the badge isn’t important the functionally equivalent Panasonic can be had for around $200 less and has similar sensor performance, though it, arguably, struggles to match the Leica C’s elegance.

Leica C tested by Dxomark

When I reviewed the Leica C earlier this year I loved it and I even bought one. I continue to use the C as a convenient pocket camera. I find it extremely capable and, frankly, I do not notice the alleged poor low-light performance. It is a great travel camera and I often slip it in the bag along with an M and a couple of lenses. Its unique selling point is the built-in EVF, average performer that it is. At least it is there. It's tremendously useful and comforting to anyone who does not like composing on a screen at arm's length. The C remains an attractive and competent pocket all rounder. As for the price comparison with the Panasonic LF-1, look no further than my article on the Leica Premium.