Leica M-A: We're in love, we're smitten

Posted on by Mike Evans

No, not my words but those of Chris Gampat of The Phoblographer:

No, really–we’re in love. We’re smitten. The Leica M-A is an absolutely timeless piece that belong in the hands of only a few. It’s not for the bourgeois, but for the photographer who wants to be reminded of their roots and experience their first love all over again

This is an excellent review of the new M-A which I described in September as the thinking man's camera. For the film purist who wants absolute simplicity and doesn't wish to rely on electronics or unreliable batteries, this camera is the natural choice. Others, who need a bit of a leg-up in the exposure setting stakes will stay with the MP, the M6 or go for the aperture-priority automation of the M7. But the M-A is the nearest camera you can get to a brand new M3 or M2. I love it too.