Leica T Firmware: Update brings performance improvements, better manual focus aid

Posted on by Mike Evans

Leica has announced version 1.3 firmware for the T series cameras. Improvements include fixes for two of the problems I mentioned when I reviewed the camera in August: Startup time, which  was sluggish, has been speeded and there is a redesign to the annoying implementation of the focus aid function. Instead of requiring a screen touch to move between x3 and x6 magnification, the new firmware enables all settings to be performed directly by means of the left soft dial. Sadly I see no reference to an improvement in the timelag when bringing the viewfinder to the eye; this was something else I criticised at the time.

In addition to these two important items and general bug fixes, the changes include:

  1. An improvement of the camera's digital image processing with new tone curves for JPG images.
  2. An additional wifi set up screen to choose between the Leica T app and a web gallery application.
  3. Extended function of the auto rotate mode so that the image always uses the full LCD size.
  4. Brightness simulation for the live view in manual exposure mode.
  5. Digi Scoping scene mode, improvements to exposure results.
  6. Improvement to the operation of the Touch AF function.
  7. New limited AF mode for new lenses such as the 55-135 zoom in order to speed up AF for certain applications.
  8. Ability to select AF preference in scene modes.
  9. New graphic layout of the information bars in the Visoflex EVF.

The new firmware can be downloaded here