Top Ten posts on Macfilos this week: Which is the best street camera?

Posted on by Mike Evans

During the past week Fuji posts have dominated readership on Macfilos with Bill Palmer's gaze into the future of the X-Pro vying with a couple of articles on choosing the best street camera. Older reviews of three Leica cameras, the C, the X-Vario and the M-P continue to bring in the visitors, although reader interest in the Leica T remains low. The new f/2.4 Summarits, which have not yet hit the dealers, are clearly exciting lots of attention and are likely to be good sellers for the German brand. 

1. Fuji X-T1: Better street camera than the X100?
2. Fuji X-Pro 2: Bill Palmer looks into his crystal ball 
3. Fuji Street Cam: X-T1 v X100T and X-E2
4. Leica lenses on Sony A7 models 
5. Leica lenses on Fuji X-E1
6. Fuji X-Series firmware update
7. Leica X-Vario camera review
8. Leica C camera review
9. Leica Summart f/2.4 range: First Impressions
10. Leica M-P camera review