Fuji Firmware Updates: Just an excuse for not getting it right in the first place?

Posted on by Mike Evans

Last week's 27-item firmware update for the X-T1 (and slightly fewer points for the rest of the X-Series range) was quite a blockbuster. Most commentators took the opportunity to compliment Fuji on their policy of continual improvement, in particular their willingness to add new features to older cameras. The original X-Pro 1, for instance, is still soldiering on after five years but has benefited from many firmware tweaks that have delighted owners. So Fuji are the good guys, eh?

Perhaps not. There's always a contrarian view and in this case it comes from David Hughes at Sound Image Plus.'s worth pointing out that NOTHING in this update is new technology that has suddenly appeared since the X-T1 was initially released. ALL of it could have been included when the camera first appeared. And we have the right to ask Fuji, why wasn't it in the camera in the first place? And how come we have had to wait so long for these options?

He reviews the firmware update but concludes:

....I'm afraid this outpouring of gratitude for adding functionality to the camera when it should have been there in the first place just confirms to me that it may well be the time to conclude my relationship with Fuji. This update was seriously hyped, but aside from the electronic shutter, I've seen little to get enthusiastic about.

Read the full story here. What do you think? Is he right or wrong?